hOMe Made Body Scrub

It seems like its been a long and winding road to put myself first. Self Care is truly a life long learning & practice. You know what I’m talking about!I’ve had to find little ways to nourish myself deeply and now I want to share them with you here!

The simplicity and benefit of this one makes it a no brainer as the first place to start.

Homemade Body Scrub

Being predominately Vata Dosha (in Ayurvedic) dryness of any sort is aggregating to me. The sort that crawls under your skin and makes everything unpleasant (I understand this is completely a first world problem, by the way). A few years back in the depths of winter I started to create a body scrub that worked a treat for me on many levels.  It’s the easiest thing ~ of course you’ll have time too…….


  • Equal parts ~ Raw Sugar + Epsom Salts (like 1 Cup each)
  • Enough Melted Coconut Oil to bind into a scrub like texture. (In summer you may like to use sesame oil)
  • Optional extras – a few drops of essential oil or coffee grounds or fresh mint


  • ~ Gently rub a generous amount over wet skin.  Focus on more weathered areas like elbows, ankles.
  • ~ Turn shower off if you have water shortages and leave on the skin for a minute or two. (This time will depend on your magnesium levels as if you leave it on too long you may overdose and that means you need to be close to the bathroom in about 7 hours😳).
  • ~ Rinse off your body and the shower walls.
  • ~ Pat yourself dry with an old towel as oil can be tough on towels.
  • ~ I pop PJs on straight after as clothes can also be affected by the excess oil.
  • ~ Repeat once a week or as needed.

Overall Benefits:

  • ~ Exfoliate & remove dead/dry skin
  • ~ replenish magnesium (it’s best absorbed through the skin)
  • ~ moisturise deeply


Make a larger batch and store in an airtight container.  It will keep for about 2 months but hopefully you’ll have used it before then. 😊

Enjoy your silky smooth, nourished skin plus a deeper replenishing by taking a short moments to care for you.