Clarify your Intent

New Years Resolutions are so 2015….

What do you want? Sometimes that can be a challenging question to answer. Maybe start with what you don’t want, because you are probably clear on that, then turn it 180.

The law of attraction is always working, it’s just that we focus on what we don’t want, which brings more of that too us, cementing our reality further. Our unconscious internal chatter is actually what is creating our reality. What is your most predominate thought? “I don’t have enough money” – flipped 180 is “There is plenty of money in my life”.

“I’m sick of being single” flipped 180 “I’m ready for a loving committed  relationship”

When you get clear on your intent and diligently, mentally repeat this like a mantra, often throughout your day, there will be a ripple effect through your whole being and life – or at the bare minimum, you’ll start to feel better.

Taking this one step further, I’m so happy to share about Desire mapping. If you haven’t discovered it yet, get amongst it.  Danielle LaPorte’s book and workbook or workshops are vital for creating a meaningful life.

It goes something like this. We know that it’s not the things we want rather how they make us feel.  For example, we’ve all heard of the people who want a BMW (or whatever) and get the BMW but are not satisfied. Instead of feeling the freedom that they thought the car would give them, they feel more burdened because of the repayments they need to make. (Just an example)

Desire mapping is a process of questioning and exploring deeply “How do I want to feel?”. Get clear on your Core Desired Feelings and then explore what goals you have that would facilitate you feeling how you want. It turns regular goal setting on its head, working backwards in a way that is sumptuously fulfilling.