Well Rounded Yoga Flow

This weeks Yoga Flow is a great all rounder. It smoothly transitions between balance, twists, backbends & forward folds to give a feeling of having reached every part of the body.


  1. To begin, start standing at the top of your mat and bring one knee into the chest for Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana (or big toe pose). Variations if you can’t manage straightening the leg out are to keep the knee bent or use a yoga belt.  The most important parts for this are to keep the standing leg straight and strong (imagine moving the standing leg thigh bone back) PLUS lift the chest so that you don’t collapse down.
  2. Take the lifted leg out to the side into an adductor (inner thigh opening), maintaining the lift through the chest and standing leg strong.
  3. Draw the leg back to centre and pendulum the lifted leg through, behind you so that you move into Virabhadrasana 3 (Warrior 3 Pose) as a transition.  You can stay and work into this pose more if you like.
  4. Step to the back of the mat and twist into Pvritta Parsvokonasana (Revolved Lateral Angle Pose).  I prefer to lift the back leg arm and create space before commencing the twist.  Rather than collapsing the belly onto the thigh, press the upper arm down to create lift, length in the spine and space to spiral the ribs around.
  5. Bring the back knee to the earth and take the same hand to back foot for an Anjaneyasana (lunge/crescent pose) variation or Ustrasana (Camel Pose) variation.  I kept my back toes tucked under so it’s easier on the lower back  (there is an element of a twist plus a backbend which could be a problem if you have back pain).  Feel free to have the back foot flat and focus on lifting the chest to increase the backbend.
  6. Release the back hand to frame the front foot with both hands. Start to rock forward and back between Parsvottanasana (Pyramid Pose) and the lunge position.  Use the inhale to rock forward to the lunge and the exhale to rock back to Pyramid Pose.  Make it easier by dropping the back knee to the earth or intensify it further by drawing the front toes back towards you in Pyramid pose.
  7. Hold Parsvottanasana (Pyramid Pose) and walk the hands back to draw the chest closer to the thigh.  Be sure to use the breath to keep the spine long and the hamstrings soft.
  8. Step back into Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog) and take a pallet cleansing connecting vinyasa.  Step or jump forward to the front of the mat and repeat on the second side.

The video will be up soon. Namaste!