High to Low Yoga Flow

This time our yoga flow moves high to low, featuring a built in rest pause in everyone’s fave, pigeon pose.

Video is coming soon

1/ Start in Tadasana inhale the arms up overhead then exhale to interlace fingers behind the back. Linger here enjoying a little heart opening as you lift the chest high for a standing backbend.

2/ Transfer the weight to one foot and step the other behind without weight bearing so that you can lift the leg towards Warrior 3 (Virabhdrasana 3).

3/ Try and bend the standing leg so you can bring the chest towards the thigh and work the leg muscles to land lightly with the foot at the back of the mat.

4/ Twist the upper body around for revolved lunge or pavritta parsvokonasna. Stay here or straighten the back leg.  Another option is to reach for the back foot (it’s a long way back 😬)

5/ Catch hold of the front knee and flip over to a side plank variation Vasisthasana. Focus on lifting the hips high by pressing into the earth with your hand.

6/ Take that bent knee and flip yourself back to face the earth, drawing the leg into Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana)

7/ Move into Down Dog and jump forward to the front of your mat to repeat the second side.