Something for Everyone Flow

Another great thing about yoga is the variations available to make the practice accessible to all levels of students.  How wonderful.

This flow has plenty of different options to allow yogis to take it as far as you want.

1/ Start in Down Dog pulsing a few times into a tiger curl, with the knee into the chest, lifting the ribs and hips high as you come into a plank shape.

2/ From the knee to chest position bring the knee across to the side and move into a figure 4 shape (like threading the needle). Press the thighs back and hold for a sweet little hip opening.

3/  Walk the hands back for a choice of 3 poses. Easiest: Standing pigeon with Namaste hands. Middle: Standing pigeon with hands to the earth Extreme: Flying pigeon (Rookie Error – a slack front foot here will make the pose impossible. Be sure to hook the toes like crazy around that upper arm).

4/ Rise to stand and cross the legs. Touch the pinky toes (heels apart) and lean to the same side as the front leg. Enjoy a side bend here, opening the side ribs like a slinky to the side. Breathe into your gills and stretch the intercostals.

5/ Cross the legs over further for Eagle Pose or Garudasana.  Here the arm on top is the same as the bottom leg, bringing balance to your system. Bend low the hips and move the elbows forward to stretch between the shoulder blades without leaning the chest forward.

6/ Unravel yourself and rise up to the sky.  Swan dive forward to Uttanasana and walk the hands forward to Downward Facing Dog ready for pulsing to start the second side