Fulfilment Coaching

Ready for a change but don’t know where to from here?

Do you dream of a life of fulfilment but are unsure what truly satisfies you?

Are you wanting to make an positive impact on the world with that special gift that only you can offer?

Coaching can help!  You may be so stuck in your own seeking that you can’t find what you’re looking for.  I have skilfully helped people, like yourself, to craft and refine their vision of themselves and their lives.  Does a life of personal fulfilment sound great to you? ( I can say riches beyond your wildest as it just may not mean anything to you!) Each of us value different things or experiences and figuring that out is half the fun!

Personal fulfilment comes from a thorough exploration of who you are and what lights you up.  And the exciting thing is that it is unique for everyone! Together we will explore your strengths, gifts, talents and align it to what is important to you, to cultivate a compelling goal.

With an irresistible goal that you are moving towards, the following sessions are about creating action steps that will move your dreams toward or into reality.

Fulfilment Coaching sessions are offered as a four pack over 1-2 months.  They can be done via skype or phone direct with Vanessa.  Subsequent sessions may be offered if required.  The investment in your own fulfilment is $499AUD for the 4 sessions, prepaid. Please email to book in or just start with a free 30 minute consult >> 

“I loved the way Vanessa was able to take my goals and ideas and “package” them into practical achievements that aligned with my values and dreams. Everything unfolded very organically and with some “gentle” tough love I was set tasks to keep my dreams on track. I am very grateful to Vanessa for being able to draw out what was already inside me and give me the direction and motivation to bring the dream into reality.”


What to expect:
The first session is plenty of questions that help us to clarify what is important to you and where you want to take the strengths and skills that you have.  This session runs about 1.5hrs.  It usually concludes having a solid goal/dream that you can sleep on or being close to it.

The second session is planning what needs to happen in order to bring this dream to fruition. It usually runs for about 1hr.

The third and fourth session typically go for 30mins each as we refine the action steps and strategize around obstacles that may be coming up for you.  Between each session there are 3 to 5 items of ‘home work” for you to do.  Things such as research, planning or designing related to your goal.

“Vanessa and I did some coaching work around growing my business. Having her there keeping me motivated and accountable was really helpful and kept me feeling inspired and my vision clear. Vanessa makes you feel really comfortable and our weekly chats felt like I was just chatting to a friend. She was always there giving me guidance and support when I needed it. ”

I’d love to work with you on creating a rich and fulfilling life that brings your best to the world.  Goodness knows the planet and humanity need you! Email for a free 30 minute consult now >>

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