Are you ready to feel physically and emotionally lighter?


Change your MIND to succeed at Weight Loss.

Stop wasting time and money on more shakes and fad diets and invest in change where it really works.
Other women, just like you, are saying:
"I absolutely loved my sessions with Vanessa. I felt really heard and valued, and through her guidance I genuinely felt that I am now able to step into real change. Vanessa was able to tap into very deep rooted behaviour patterns and shine a compassionate light on them - and then offer powerful and practical strategies to move forward- into my highest self. Thank you Vanessa!"
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"Skeptical at first, I whole heartedly dived into this safe experience. I lost weight effortlessly. I'm feeling empowered, happy and energised. It’s been a transformational journey.  Thank you for your wisdom and your empathetic and caring guidance Vanessa."
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 Why Group Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is a scientifically supported method that engages the subconscious mind, bringing about powerful change. It combines relaxation and concentration to reprogram automatic responses, leading to effective weight loss. Research shows that hypnotherapy can make lasting changes with weight loss.
Hypnotherapy works on our subconscious minds which has a profound influence on our behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. This makes hypnotherapy a game-changer in breaking those bad habits or unhealthy choices.  It reprograms your automatic responses quickly and easily in a way that lasts.
Add to this, the potency of group sessions which offers the combined benefits of group support, motivation, shared experiences, and guidance from both the hypnotherapist and fellow participants. This holistic approach significantly improves the success rate by fostering a sense of belonging, enhancing knowledge and strategies, and providing a supportive space for individuals to overcome challenges on their weight loss journey.

Who is this Weight Loss Hypnosis for?
You've tried just about everything and still can't shift that extra weight. (Even Menopausal)
You want to maintain your optimal weight for increased health & vitality - not just to look slim.
You are ready to boost your overall confidence and happiness.
More praise for Change your Mind about Weight Loss Program:
"Vanessa created a safe space for me to relax and connect to a deeper part of myself. This helped me to recognise past patterns and behaviours then instead discover new positive ways. I was guided by my body's own intelligence to give me answers and some tools to step forward into the healthiest version of myself."
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"Since my very first hypno session, I haven't had any junk food! I just don't feel like it. It's incredible! Instead, I prefer to cook a nutritious meal at home and enjoy some mindful eating."
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In our four weeks together, you will:
More than likely begin to witness weight loss as a result of cultivating a completely new relationship with food.
The emotional triggers that used to control your life will no longer hold power over you. Exercise will become more pleasurable, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the enhanced self-esteem you experience.
As you develop healthier habits and a stronger mindset, your confidence will grow, and you will align more closely with your goals. You will cultivate a belief that even in the face of adversity, you possess the resilience to overcome anything life throws your way.
 What do you get? 
4 Live Group Coaching / Hypnosis Sessions with Vanessa Rudge - Monday Nights commencing 8th Jan
Community Support, Motivation, Inspiration & Accountability
Meditation Audio 3 pack - Realise your Potential, Gratitude & Being Seen.
'Enliven your Body' Movement Practices
Daily Habit Tracker

Get started now and take that empowering first step towards a confident and vibrant you!

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Online Group Salon Starts January 8 
Meet Vanessa:

Hi I'm Vanessa Rudge, Health & Wellness Industry expert, trainer, coach & therapist for over 20 years, and no waif.  So you can relate, here's a few things I've worked through:

  • Underactive Thyroid (inc weight gain, hair loss & cold)
  • Navigating Menopause
  • Mum & Sister both size 20+ (genetic predisposition)
  • Body Dysmorphia (I thought I was a huge, strong woman for most of my life.  I only discovered I'm tiny a few years ago)
  • Lacking confidence & self esteem
  • I've been asked if I'm pregnant, more than once! (No, not pregnant, just fat, thanks for asking.)

If you are seeking a non-judgmental therapist who wants the best for you. My personal experience with body image makes me the right person for the job to support you in your weight management journey. Book your Call >>

Weight Management Hypnosis Investment:

  • 4 Group Online Sessions with Vanessa - 7pm Monday nights starting 8th January 2024
  • Program Journal & Workbook 
  • Meditation Audio 3 pack - Realise your Potential, Gratitude & Being Seen. 
  • 'Enliven your Body' Movement Practices
  • Daily Habit Tracker
  • Accountability & Group Support

**$695 for the complete package**

Book and pay before January 5 to receive
$300 Off PLUS (Pay only $395!)